Hyperevo, Innovation System.

EVOLUTIONISE and REVOLUTIONISE products, processes, services, and business models in the Automotive, Aerospace, Naval and Sustainable mobility sectors.

Hyperevo Hyper Knowledge

There is no innovation without knowledge and expertise!

Our technology assessments are based on Knowledge Analysis models and algorithms.

Our tools allow us to collect, process, and analyze information (open data) from companies and universities to generate insights and comprehensive technological knowledge that contributes to forming global alliances to accelerate innovation in the following areas: Automotive - Aerospace - Naval - Manufacturing - Materials & Design - Sustainable Mobility - Digitalization.

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Hyperevo Innovate together

Culture and Organization of INNOVATION

Hyperevo is looking to expand its network, enrich it with the best centre of excellences, and write new success stories whit partners ready to step onto the Collaborative Innovation circuit.

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Sustainable and real development

Innovating means generating economic and social value, managing uncertainty, complexity and solving problems quickly.

The innovators Team

Laura Facchin

Operations & Project Manager

Realizing the possible, continually attempting the impossible.

Simone De Pol

Technical Manager

Innovation is nothing without passion and control.

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