Innovation Technology Consulting

The best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence.

(Henry Ford)

We support Companies in the research and development of new products and/or services, with an innovative, dynamic and multidisciplinary approach. Engineering and mechanics are our core businesses.
We address Companies of all sizes, Italian and international, and we operate mainly in the Automotive, Aeronautical, Aerospace and in all those for which it is crucial and strategic to innovate.
Thanks to a multifunctional and international team, we offer our customers not only technical and engineering but also strategic and organizational consultancy.

We support and flank our customers in their innovative projects, providing “tailor-made” solutions.
Our innovation management method is based on the following principles:

- Identify and define innovation opportunities;
- Develop potential ideas/solutions;
- Validate innovation ideas;
- Develop "inventions" into innovations;
- Transforming innovations into market success.

Our commitment is to collaborate with Industries that need to experiment, create, develop new products, or improve existing products, using new materials such as graphene and nanomaterials, capable of improving their performance.

We want to transform ideas into practical business solutions.

Our collaboration with numerous Italian and international universities, including the University of Machester and some of its spin-offs, and important Partners, allows us to speed up and raise the level of services and knowledge offered.

We study the products with our customers and together, we identify and apply the best design and process solutions to arrive at the finished product.

Do you have innovative projects, or that you would like to develop, in the sectors:

-Nanotechnologies and materials?

Present us your idea and together we will work to make it emerge and grow, providing you with 360 ° support and collaboration, and completely managing the phases of Research & Development, starting from the study of the product/process, feasibility analysis, engineering and technical analysis, financial analysis, prototyping up to production and quality control.