Comprehensive innovation metrics.

by Hyperevo 11/06/2021

Why is it so important to measure innovation?

Measuring innovation performance.

What are the eight tracks?

Companies measure just about everything that has an impact on the bottom line, yet strangely, they often shy away from measuring innovation. Granted, it is difficult to measure.
Historical benchmarks are of limited value when a product has no antecedents, and it’s hard to pin down the future value of an idea that exists only as a concept.
Nevertheless, there are ways of measuring innovation performance.
A comprehensive dashboard should track:

Inputs: the investment money and employee time devoted to innovation, along with the number of ideas that are gener­ated internally each month or sourced from customers, suppliers, and other out­siders.
Throughputs: the number and quality of ideas that enter the pipeline after initial screening, the time it takes for those ideas to move from concept to proto­type to reality, and the notional value of the innovation pipe­line.
Outputs: the number of innovations that reach the market in a given period, the percentage of revenue derived from new products and services, and the marginal gains that are attributable to innovation.
Leadership: the percentage of executive time that gets devoted to mentor­ing innovation projects and 360-degree survey results that reveal the extent to which execu­tivesare exhibiting pro-innovation behaviours.
Competence: the percentage of employees who have been trained as business innovators, the percentage of employees who have qualified as innova­tion “black belts,” and changes in the quality of ideas that are being generated across the firm.
Climate: the extent to which the firm’s management processes facilitate or frustrate innovation and the progress that is being made in remov­ing innova­tionblockages.
Efficiency: changes over time in the ratio of innovation outputs to inputs.
Balance: the mix of different types of innova­tion (product, service, pricing, distribution, operations, etc.); differ­ent risk cate­go­ries (incremental improvements versus speculative ventures); and differ­ent time horizons.

Once you’ve established the metrics and a baseline, you’re in a position to set specific,unit-by-unit innovation goals, and to fine-tune the innovation engine.
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