Organizational challenges for business.

by Hyperevo 28/04/2021

INNOVATE = DOING TOGETHER. Cooperate to improve!

To make the innovation operational and effective, there are several challenges and criticalities to which paid attention.
The most critical ones are inside the company, as it is of primary importance to embrace the need to integrate innovation with the company’s strategic objectives, in order not to run the risk of taking winding roads to achieve objectives extraneously or distant, or counterproductive to the business context.

How cooperation can help innovation.

It is of vital importance to be able to have the full involvement of the top management, who will have the task and must be able to direct innovation, provide adequate tools and convey real priorities to everyone.

The other big step, in terms of innovation, is to ensure adequate integration with Business as usual. That is, if the needs, necessities and proposals of the Business Units are explicit and shared within the organization, it is much more likely that the innovation projects will be able to bring real added value to these units, facilitating and also promoting the integration and handover in the scale-up phases of projects.

Last but not least, it is necessary to involve all the employees of the company, of all levels, through communication, training, dissemination of managerial knowledge, digital and entrepreneurial skills, ensuring the availability of spaces and tools to facilitate their engagement in innovation initiatives. But at the same time, turning attention also outside of one’s company, seeking and creating the right alliances and collaborations capable of giving the right push towards what is the goal to be achieved and pursued it. A very complex challenge but very heartfelt and of vital importance to hold up and emerge in a context like the one we are experiencing now.

Many companies feel the need to innovate but not all have a program, or a schedule or continue to encounter difficulties, Hyperevo, precisely, for this reason, can become the ideal partner to face the challenges that innovation brings with it, guiding the company step by step until the goal is reached! There is no doubt that from now on, the term Innovate will have to go hand in hand with Doing together. Cooperate to improve! Always.