Hyperevo, about us

A different company...

Hyperevo was created with the aim of stimulating creativity, probing opportunities, and putting together the best player of the innovation ecosystem within the automotive, aerospace and sustainable mobility sectors. We generate processes by combining knowledge, and we aim to break down the cognitive, cultural, and ethical barriers and asymmetries that slow down the formation of partnerships for innovation.

We have over twenty years experience in the fields of Engineering, Mechanics, Project & Operations Management, Finance of R&D projects, and the Creation and Organization of multidisciplinary Teams.

...our vision.

Bringing together the knowledge and experience to increase innovative capacities, create synergies and unlock the potential necessary to accelerate the progress and development of society.

To connect skills across Universities and Companies so that they operate on applied research projects, nationally and internationally, to generate value and growth.


To increase the innovation capacity of the companies with which we collaborate, identifying both market and technological trends, aimed at maximizing business development and value for the customer, along the entire product/process/service chain.

To increase and guarantee the innovative content not only of the product but also of the services offered:
- increasing efficiency and productivity both in terms of human resources and materials and processes;
- reducing product and production costs related to the project;
- managing the projects in an effective, efficient, and dynamic way.