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The various and disruptive innovations in the Automotive sector can be summarised in the acronym M.A.D.E., which identifies:

- New models of mobility;
- Autonomous driving systems;
- Digitalization of vehicle and information;
- Electrification of vehicles.


The acronym M.A.D.E. identifies all the technologies and innovations of the aerospace ecosystem.

- The structure, materials and manufacturing
- The propulsion systems
- The aero-gas dynamic study
- The control systems
- The space economy and environment.

...& more

Our competence across several sectors and our numerous partnership allow us to provide global support in all Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, and general Transport industry segments, from Style and Design, Powertrain, Electrification, Simulations, Engineering, and Components, from the development to the completed product.
With Hyperevo, we want to create and strengthen the role of the leading players in this sector to develop new businesses with great added value. We aim to support the transaction and evolution from mechanical products to intelligent products, creating a stable foundation and lasting collaboration, both locally and globally, thanks to the cross-pollination of new ideas, projects and skills.

Hyperevo, through its platform, tools, network, and partners, can provide 360° support in this area of expertise.