Why choose us

Our structure, inspired by the Anglo-Saxon and North-American one, is based on two classes of organizations, fully capable of satisfying different and specifics needs:

- The end-users of technologies and knowledge: These are the organizations that face technical challenges and use our network and tools to complete their applied research quickly and efficiently.
- Technology/know-how donators: These are organizations, of any size and position, that make available products, services and know-how for the innovation challenges Hyperevo’s network need a solution for.

Our business idea is based on a collaborative research path to put into practice with and on behalf of Hyperevo’s partners. The research results must be reached by a team of enterprises, universities, research departments, laboratories that work in synergy.
Our commitment is to find the right partners, expand and enrich this platform, and share the knowledge and technologies to be used in the best way possible and be part of this new evolution.

We make ourselves available to disseminate, spread the word and optimize this innovation sharing platform. Our partners can identify opportunities in which ideas can be shared or proven technologies can be applied in different fields (Technology Transfer).

For more info, other details and affiliation conditions to our ambitious project, contact us using the Contact form.