Hyper Knowledge

Knowledge and competence

The roadmap toward innovations

Our studies and analyses are based on Knowledge Analysis algorithms, data mining technologies, analytics, market predictions, environment and competitive scanning, and provide dynamic and highly customized reports on:

Monitoring of the technical status (Intellectual Property), of the technological trends and the best skills that generate product innovation, up to its patentability;
Identification of existing solutions to technical problems, directing the R&D activities of the reference industrial sector;
Identification and observation of the current and potential competitors to define the best growth strategies for businesses;
Scouting of new players, innovative start-ups and university centres of excellent in the sustainable mobility, automotive, new materials, aeronautics and aerospace sectors of the next decade;
Creation of innovative Networks and ecosystems;
Creations of relations between the best Universities, identifying partnerships based on projects with TRL(Technology Readiness Level) > 4;
Exploration of new markets and acceptance of new challenges, having incremental and/or disruptive nature.